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Printed Circuit Board

Cost & Performance: Utililizing our unique multilayer manufacturing technology we have been able to help our customers increase their lamination area performance and enabling them to lower their production costs.

Markets Serve:

  • Flexible Circuits (FPC)
  • Rigid-Flex boards
  • High layer count / HDI PCB / PWB Boards

AIRTECH offers lamination assist products for:

  • All technologies
  • All temperature ranges
  • All lamination processes

AIRTECH’s PCB products include:

  • Release Films, Conformable Release Films
  • Release Fabrics (PTFE coated fiberglass)
  • Press Pads
    • Single use (Paper based, Paper / Release film)
    • Multi-cycle reusable reinforced silicone rubber
  • Vacuum bagging films and related materials
    • Sealant Tapes
    • Breather Material
    • Hoses, Vac Valves, & Connectors

Quality & Environmental Management Systems: Airtech International, Inc. maintains quality and environmental management systems in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100 Rev. D.

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