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Combination Products

Combo-Tech is our expanded product line that bonds various vacuum bagging materials together to form a better overall product and reduce “touch labor”, saving companies hours of labor expense while increasing productivity.

Any combination of peel ply, release film, breather, and flow mesh can be bonded together with a non-silicone adhesive and supplied in a variety of widths.


  • Save time with fewer materials to cut and position.
  • Improve part quality with simplified process.
  • Improve surface finish with flatter materials.
  • Reduce cost with less scrap and rework

2 & 3 Ply Combo-Tech materials up to 2.2 m (7.2 ft) wide for prepreg, infusion, and bonding applications.

Vacuum Bagging Film

Financial Projections

Release Film

Financial Projections

Infusion Mesh
Perforated Release Film

Mostly any combination of products will work.
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